At Vuja De we truly believe in connecting the value chain. If you are someone who loves our fabric and would like to promote our collection in your referral network. We have the ideal partnership program for you! Once you sign up all you have to do is promote our website. With every sale you will earn at 5% commission!


Step 1.

Create an account using this link

Step 2.

Inside your partner dashboard, take note of your referral link.

Step 3.

Open the website using this link.

When you open the web store using the referral link, your visit will start getting tracked. You can now browse around on the store, view different products, add them to your cart, etc.

Step 4

Promote the referral link in your community of family, friends, colleagues and business associates

Step 5

Enjoy a commission of 5% on every sale made. Payouts will be made within 30 days of completing the sale

Looking forward to your partnership and very warm welcome to Vuja De family!