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More than functioning as a company Vuja De studio functions as a community connecting fashion, textile, accessories and the lifestyle industry. An online sanctuary of sorts to keep our ecosystem free flowing and helping people navigate through it more smartly and simplistically. We are built on the foundation of co-creation and making sustainability accessible to all.


What we stand for

Vuja De is a term that refers to the feeling of seeing something familiar in a new and unexpected way, is is the opposite of "Deja Vu," which is the feeling of experiencing something new in a familiar way.

In the context of sustainability, Vuja de Studio is using the concept of Vuja De to encourage people to see traditional fabrics and the fashion industry in a new light and to consider the potential for sustainability and social responsibility in their consumption habits.

By offering a digital platform that allows buyers to virtually examine fabrics and collaborate with designers to create new products, Vuja de Studio is working to promote a shift towards more sustainable fashion choices


"If we don't pivot we perish"

Ira Jain is an industrial engineer and consumer insights specialist.  She has worked in the corporate sector with Motorola  (USA) and the Kantar group. Been in the textile industry for almost a decade now. She constantly uses her design thinking and consumer insights foundation in building her newest brand Vuja De studio.

"If we don't pivot, we perish" is her mantra. She believes that innovation and understanding their customer segments is the key to success in business

Being a mom of two boys, she truly believes we need to leave behind a better planet to the next generation. She is a book author, and fond of experimental cooking and travelling in her spare time.

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