Fabric Sourcing 2.0

A digital platform that connects the value chain in the textile industry

Our Journey

The year 2020 has been a landmark year. Personally and professionally, it has made us rethink, relook and rearrange every aspect of our life. With everything that came our way, we had two options - To cry over a wrong stitch or weave out a new fabric. For me, personally, I’ve always believed in the notion:

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Adhering to this ideology, we decided to take the plunge, pivot and create Vuja De for you

Vuja De stands for - relooking at your existing surroundings as you have never seen it before. It is an effort on my part to build a community and to have a platform to empower different stakeholders in our industry. Vuja De is a virtual space for the people belonging to our community - the fashion, textile, accessories, lifestyle industry, to come together. A sanctuary for our ecosystem that is filled with unique stories of everyone working relentlessly.

We are here to transform the textile space by bringing a digital notion to the touch and feel of our fabrics. Be it a weaver for a well-established fashion brand or someone just dipping their toes in fashion, we are the digital marketplace that connects your business directly to textile mills. Thereby providing you quality fabric at fair prices. Making it much easier for you to navigate through the fragmented parts of the fabric industry.

Today, the consumer’s mindset has evolved more than ever. Being conscious about their consumption is now becoming a habit of many. While shopping, consumers now check tags to ensure the fabric that they are purchasing is eco friendly. We, at Vuja De, amplify this conscious choice by bringing sustainable and organic cotton fabric. Thereby leading you into a greener future.

We aim to resonate the philosophy - Ubuntu of relationships, “I am because we are,” by connecting your business to the source of your fabric. My virtue, as the founder of Vuja De, a mother, a wife and more importantly a woman, is to create a new pattern in this fiber to fashion ecosystem.

Ira Jain

Founder and CEO
Vuja De


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