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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

U npredictability for us was a life changing gift that only the pandemic could teach us to embrace. Instead of endlessly worrying about the future we started to recreate it. The tapestry of destiny could not be challenged but the lure of weaving a new fabric altogether kept our spirits high. We as a fabric loving company decided to rethink , relook and rearrange ourselves to make the currently fragmented fabric industry a more accessible and aspiring one. So here we are introducing you to the plunge we decided to take and how it can empower the retail industry as a whole to pivot and pioneer. 

Adhering to this ideology, we decided to take the plunge, pivot and create Vuja De for you

More than functioning as a company we decided to function as a community connecting fashion, textile, accessories and the lifestyle industry. An online sanctuary of sorts to keep our ecosystem free flowing and helping people navigate through it more smartly and simplistically . Starting with traditional fabrics closely examined within the tall walls of our textile mills being virtually showcased and shipped to regional and global buyers. Rethinking the fabric swatch with a digital switch. A platform connecting man to mill sourced , organic and sustainable high quality fabrics. Helping him understand colour , texture and thickness through digital tours. Providing free shipping of swatches to be completely assured of quality.
We are here to transform the textile space by bringing a digital notion to the touch and feel of our fabrics. Be it a weaver for a well-established fashion brand or someone just dipping their toes in fashion, we are the digital marketplace that connects your business directly to textile mills. Thereby providing you quality fabric at fair prices. Making it much easier for you to navigate through the fragmented parts of the fabric industry.

Relooking at our consumer data base to understand their emotional demographics better apart from the socio-economic bit. Realising that climate change has completely changed the consumption habits of many consumers across the globe. With the media empowering consumers via enabling them to witness the devastation climate change is contributing to, many are seeking to live within norms of sustainability . One major norm that is creating a huge transition in our industry is the urge to buy sustainable fabrics that do not add to the carbon footprint of the planet. Buying fabrics that enrich and empower both the planet and their closets. But surveys taught us that pricing was a key factor to convince people to switch to sustainable. We relooked at our price tags and got sustainable fabrics rid of their niche pricing . Making it affordable and highly accessible to businesses of all kinds. Selling durable mill made fabrics that are all fairly priced to aid better choices. Promising people no commute fabric buying right from the comfort of their homes and offices. Time efficient and money saving fabric sourcing. 

Rearranging our business strategy altogether. From being a fabric sourcing company to also being a fabric collaborating company. Associating with designers keen to craft new stories of style, comfort , tradition and functionality to transform our fabrics into ready to wear garments catering to men, women, children as well as home/lifestyle products. Providing quality fabric in exchange of quality designs. Backing designers with insightful demographics to create designs complimenting the lifestyle and preferences of the gender and the age group they are catering to. A strategy that helps us to promote a promising bunch of new age designers as well as our wide range of durable and dynamic fabrics. Providing all things textile with dollops of style. 

Vuja De 2.0
Vuja De Fabric Sourcing Redefined is now Vuja de Studio - Redefining Sustainability. We are a design studio that is focused on co-creation and making conscious consumption affordable. 

We aim to resonate the philosophy - Ubuntu of relationships, “I am because we are,” by connecting designers to the source of your fabric. My virtue, as the founder of Vuja De, a mother, a wife and more importantly a woman, is to create a new pattern in this fiber to fashion ecosystem.

Ira Jain

Vuja De Studio

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