Meet this young designer, she has curious eye for unique fabrics

It may sound like a cliche, but I’ve always loved painting, dressing up, styling others or just being creative with my resources. Putting together patterns and different pieces have been a keen interest of mine. Aesthetics drawn from the vintage era have always swayed my heart. However, I didn’t think of making it my career for a very long time.

I graduated with a sports business management degree and even started working with a company. I soon realised I wasn’t enjoying it to the fullest. I always had a knack for fashion and I thought to myself, “Why don’t I give this a try?” While I was in school, a friend of mine who was a costume designer told me that I had an eye for designs and somehow, that stuck with me. It seemed like the right time to transition in an area where I could enjoy and use my creativity to the fullest.

My major learning took place on the sets of KBC where I played the role of an assistant stylist for the Big B of the industry, Mr Amitabh Bachchan. This experience helped me unveil a new side to this glitz and glamour industry. Alongside, to further amplify my creative flair I started my side hustle under the handle - Custom Culture. From customizing shoes to now customizing masks, I’ve grown and evolved along with Custom Culture.


Everyone dreams of expanding their brand and bringing something new to the table. Similarly, I planned on venturing into kidswear and creating a full-fledged line. Just like other businesses, the pandemic struck a wrong chord with my business plans as well. Everything I had in the pipeline was now on hold indefinitely. But that’s the thing with time, it changes with a snap of a finger. The lockdown period gave me time to rethink, recalibrate and build an opportunity for myself. It led me to my latest collection in collaboration with Vuja De. It has been my lifeline as a small business when it comes to fabric sourcing. Being able to buy the best quality fabric at fair prices gives me the liberty to think outside of the box, without burning a hole in my pocket.

Being a young designer, I have crossed paths with some extremely talented people. Coming across Vuja De has been one of them. The idea of building an inclusive community of creative minds leading the industry has lured me in. Being a part of this community feels like home. Vuja De’s attempt at highlighting “Finely Spun Stories” is helping me witness creative minds from across different segments and their inspiring journey, all under one roof.

I feel like it is a monumental time to be a part of this industry. People right now are breaking all the barriers that have been a part and parcel of the fashion industry. From inclusivity in sizes, skin colour, body types and much more, it truly is exciting to be a part of this fabrication currently. I solemnly live by the philosophy, “Just wing it.” If you have a dream just go for it. You shouldn’t have to second guess your decision and say to yourself “I wish I would have done that.” Instead, I believe everyone should just do it!


Connect with Alezzandra through her Instagram handle @thecustomculture

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