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Vuja de is about relooking your existing surroundings and we truly believe that one way of doing that is connecting the value chain in the textile industry. There are several great people behind the finished product- be it  a shirt, a formal jacket, a dress or a statement accessory such as a handbag.

Vuja de has created a virtual space to highlight stories to allow business to make direct connections. If you like our range of fabric and are looking to connect with someone to tranform it to a beautiful finished product

How should you look through Vuja de Stories?

Search. If you are looking for a particular skill set or someone with a particular expertise use the search function. For example: Men's wear designer

Connection. Read their story, get to know them better.

Connect. If you found the person you are looking for directly connect with the person via their connection handle's given

Technology helps create connections

The internet has collapsed the globe and our value chains. We use the power of technology to connect businesses across the globe for their mutual benefit

Connections generate business for everyone!

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