A Woman in a Man's world- Meet Morley a Bespoke Men's Wear Designer

Meet Morley Patel, and here is her journey in her Business

Back in 2003, the market was full of bespoke wear for women and very few studios catered to bespoke menswear. We observed this gap in the market as an enticing opportunity to venture into. That’s how my brother and I founded DMODE™ by DivineDesignz. We aimed at being the one-stop-shop for dapper menswear that was custom-made for their body type.

My first introduction to the fashion and fabric industry was through my grandfather’s shop that was located in Bhuleshwar. Back then, my grandfather resized kids' clothes so that they could wear them as they grew older. It was very enticing for me to see the process of tailoring and the garment coming to life. A few years later, my father took over my grandfather's business and grew it exponentially. 

In 2003, my brother and I decided to take the plunge and start our own studio. We focused on creating suiting options for men and tailoring it to their body type. Back then, we were one of the first movers in this market. Our goal was to cater to men of various shapes and sizes.

The response to this model was unexpected. People were keen on having tailor-made clothing made, especially for their special days. Our clients noticed the difference tailoring clothes made to their body. Thanks to the dynamic fashion industry, men started paying more attention to the way they dressed. This boosted our clientele as more and more people started customizing their clothing.

Since DMode’s inception, we have faced our fair share of ups and downs. But I believe that we have learnt our lesson and grown even stronger. My brother always believed that our karigars and staff were our most valuable asset. We have had more or less the same people working with us for the past 17 years. We have grown as a family. When he passed away suddenly, we received tremendous support from them. Our team made sure that despite my brothers passing, no orders would be delayed and business was still running smoothly.

Our major setbacks were phenomenons like demonetization, the introduction of GST and more recently the pandemic. Post demonetization people didn’t have money to lavishly splurge on clothing. We remodelled ourselves and made sure that we could cater to every budget without compromising on the finish or the quality of our pieces. During the pandemic, we took the digital route. Once we started operating, we took several online consultations before calling the client in the studio. We discussed fabrics and design options over video call and then set up a meeting. This helped in simplifying the process as people didn’t have to step out unnecessarily. For our staff, we had a rotational model. This ensured that every aspect of safety was taken care of.

This pandemic made us realize the value of quality of work over the hours we put in each day. We had to entirely restructure our working model, but it has helped us just grow. My motto has always been, “Do what you love, love what you do”. When you are in a profession that you love, you excel and grow. I’ve seen DMode grow through all the hardships and setbacks and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Get in touch with Morley through her her insta page @dmode_dd


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